The difference between air switch and leakage switch

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Generally, it is better to install the air switch at the end of the electric meter, because the distance of the line is far away. If the failure rate of the leakage protection switch is increased relatively, it may be caused by the wire. The leakage switch is better before the use of the equipment. The difference between the two is that the air switch moves if it exceeds its current rated current, and the leakage switch is tripped if it exceeds its rated current or leakage. It is mainly used in home or office lighting to ensure the safety of the person.

1. The air switch is our common name. Its correct name is air circuit breaker. Air circuit breakers are generally low voltage, that is, the rated working voltage is 1Kv. Air circuit breaker is a switchgear with multiple protection functions, which can cut off and turn on the circuit under rated voltage and rated working current. The types and protection methods of its protection function are selected by users according to their needs. Such as short circuit protection, over current protection, shunt excitation control, under voltage protection, etc. The first two are the basic configurations of air circuit breakers, and the latter two are optional functions. Therefore, the air circuit breaker can also cut off the electrical circuit under the fault condition (load short circuit, load overcurrent, low voltage, etc.).

2. The proper name of the leakage switch is the leakage protection circuit breaker. It is an air circuit breaker with special protection function (leakage protection). In addition to the basic functions of air circuit breakers, it can be quickly split off when leakage of the load loop (its leakage current reaches the set value), in order to avoid the damage to the personnel and the adverse effects on the electrical equipment when the load loop is leaking.

3. The leakage protection switch can not replace the air switch. Although the leakage protection switch has a protective function more than the air switch, the phenomenon of frequent tripping occurs during the operation of the leakage due to the frequent leakage of electricity, which leads to the frequent outage of the load, which affects the continuous and normal operation of the electrical equipment. Therefore, it is usually only used in the temporary electricity supply at the construction site or in the socket circuit of industrial and civil buildings.

4. Leakage switch can also be said to be an air circuit breaker, mechanical action, arc extinguishing methods are similar. However, due to the main protection of the leakage switch is the human body, the general action value is milli level. In addition, the action detection method is different: the leakage switch used is the residual current protection device, which is the residual current, that is, the algebra of the instantaneous value of the phase and neutral line current in the protected loop, including the three-phase unbalance current and the harmonic current in the neutral line. For this reason, the current is only needed to avoid the normal leakage current (milli - an level), so it can be very sensitive to cut off the grounding fault and prevent direct contact from electric shock. And the air circuit breaker is pure overcurrent trip.

5. The air switch is divided into two types: miniature circuit breaker and moulded case circuit breaker. Their basic functions are: 1. Over current and overload protection; 2. Short circuit protection. But the difference between them is that the breaking capacity of the short-circuit is different. The specific value depends on the type of the air switch and the manufacturer. Leakage protection switch is mainly leakage protection, the general civil housing design leakage current is 30mA, the value of this 30mA is combined with the resistance of the human body and the electric shock voltage calculation. When the human body is electrocuted, the current is directly introduced into the earth through the human body. At this time, a part of the current is not returned to the power grid by the zero line. When the leakage switch detects the loss of the current, the leakage current is considered to exist, and the switch is automatically tripped, thus playing a protective role.

6. Empty can only play overload, short circuit trip. On the basis of the open circuit, the leakage switch is equipped with a set of anti leakage devices, which can play the role of leakage tripping. To protect the safety of life and electrical equipment. Remember that the leakage switch is only protecting the single line in the human body. If the body touches the zero line and the fire line at the same time, it will not play a protective role.

7. Open only to open the current, longer than the set value will protect the jump, but also with short circuit protection; leakage protection in the leakage current exceeds the set value when the value is broken; some open at the same time with leakage protection.

If the test button is open, the leakage switch will not be electrified. Click the test button and it will not jump.