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Rules for Safe Use of Circuit Breakers

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In hot summer, the role of circuit breakers is particularly prominent, so how to use circuit breakers safely? The following is our summary of the safe operation rules of circuit breakers, hoping to help you.
Rules for Safe Use of Circuit breakers
1. After the circuit of miniature circuit breaker is connected, it should check whether the connection is correct. It can be checked by the test button. If the circuit breaker can break correctly, it shows that the leakage protector is installed correctly. Otherwise, the circuit should be checked and the fault can be eliminated.
2. After the circuit breaker is disconnected due to short circuit, it is necessary to check the contacts. If the main contacts are badly burned or have pits, they need to be repaired. Quadrupole leakage circuit breakers (such as DZ47LE and TX47LE) must be connected to the zero line to make the electronic circuit work normally.
3. After the leakage circuit breaker is put into operation, every time after a period of time, the user should check the normal operation of the circuit breaker through the test button; the leakage, overload and short-circuit protection characteristics of the circuit breaker are set by the manufacturer, and can not be adjusted at will, so as to avoid affecting the performance;
4. The function of the test button is to check the operation status of the circuit breaker when it is switched on and powered on after a certain period of installation or operation. Press the test button, the circuit breaker can break, indicating normal operation, can continue to use; If the circuit breaker can not break, indicating that the circuit breaker or circuit fault, need to be repaired;
5. When the circuit breaker breaks due to the failure of the protected circuit, the operating handle is in the tripping position. After finding out the cause and eliminating the malfunction, the operating handle should be pulled down first so that the operating mechanism can "re-buckle" before closing operation.
6. The load connection of leakage circuit breaker must pass through the load end of the circuit breaker. No phase wire or neutral wire of the load is allowed to pass through the leakage circuit breaker. Otherwise, artificial leakage will result in the failure of the circuit breaker to close and cause "misoperation".
In addition, in order to protect lines and equipment more effectively, leakage circuit breakers and fuses can be used together. If there is anything you don't understand, please contact us.