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  • Circuit breaker

    Miniature circuit breaker (English Name: Miniature Circuit Breaker 50/60Hz) is suitable for AC rated voltage 230/400V, rated current to 63A-125A overload and short-circuit protection circuit used can also be under normal circumstances as the line is not frequent operation. Conversion in miniature circuit breaker is mainly used for industrial, commercial, and residential high-rise and other places the products shall conform to GB10963.1 IEC60898 standard.


  • Switch

    Isolation switch, that is, in the opening position, there are the requirements of the insulation distance and clear cut-off mark in accordance with the requirements between the contacts; in the closing position, it can load current in the normal circuit and the current in the abnormal condition (Such as short circuit) within the specified time. Mainly used for "isolate power, switching operation, to connect and cut off the small current circuit", no arc function.


  • Distribution Box

    Distribution box is the massive parameters on the data, generally according to electrical wiring requirements, assemble the switchgear, measuring instruments, protection electrical apparatus and auxiliary equipment in a closed or semi-enclosed metal cabinet or screen, to constitute low-voltage distribution box. In the normal operation, it can switch on or off circuits by means of manual or automatic switch.


  • Contactor

    AC contactors are widely used to be power on-off and control circuits. It uses the main contact to open and close the circuit, uses auxiliary contacts to perform control instruction. The main contacts generally only have normally open contacts, and auxiliary contacts often have two pairs of normally open and normally closed contacts, miniature contactor is often used as an intermediate relay with the main circuit.


  • Other Products

    Including various types of leakage protection plug, leakage protection socket, modular socket, both to protect personal safety, and to protect the electrical equipment from damage. Also including the number tube, winding tube, threader and other products, are effective and safe tools for installation of the wires and cables.



15 years experience in manufacturing low-voltage electrical appliances

200ThousandsProduction Capacity

Monthly production capacity of 200,000 circuit breakers, the annual output of up to 2 million.

2YearsQuality Assurance

Each product has to undergo a rigorous inspection of production processes and strict testing of the factory, to ensure the quality of the product.


TAIXI was founded in 2000, after more than 10 years of careful manufacturing, production and development, operating with great concentration and determined to expand, has now become the most important low-voltage electrical components manufacturers. The company mainly produces circuit breakers...


TAIXI covers an area of 2000 square meters, a professional assembly plant, the effect of workshops, packaging workshops, warehouses, the production of small circuit breaker million, Molded Case circuit breaker 10,000, we have produced each product has been carefully Calibration, to ensure safe and stable operation of the product.TAIXI achieved the leading domestic level of research and development, testing equipment and professional outstanding high-tech talent.


TAIXI has a network-based warehouse management system, anytime, anywhere to view the warehouse status, remote management warehouse picking, company's sales staff and warehouse management staff quickly carry out inspection and delivery. Each of our products have a systematic classification,easy to operate, efficient and accurate.


With the advent of mobile Internet, the competitiveness of traditional enterprises more and more, because the impact of mobile Internet technology is not just business sales model, Taixi Electric normal change business model, rapid response to product competitiveness, product iteration, customer Demand response faster. In today's era, is no longer a big fish to eat fish of the times, but fast fish to eat slow fish era...


TAIXI offers you the latest advice and information on the product

Isolation requirements for electrical isolation switch

In everyday life, we may all be useful for electrical isolation switch. In use, you should know how to isolate and isolate requirements. First of all, to understand the category of electrical isolation switch, molded case circuit breaker, the curren...



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