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The connection modes of LV circuit breakers

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The connection modes of LV circuit breakers are front board, back board, insert board and drawer board. If users have no special requirements, they supply the LV circuit breakers in front of the board. Front board connection is a common connection mode.
(1) Post-board wiring mode: The most important feature of post-board wiring is that LV circuit breakers can be replaced or repaired without rewiring, and only the front power supply must be disconnected. Because of the special structure, the special installation board, installation screw and connection screw have been equipped in accordance with the design requirements when the product leaves the factory. It should be noted that the reliability of contacting a large number of LV circuit breakers will directly affect the normal use of LV circuit breakers. Therefore, attention must be paid to the installation, and the installation must be carried out strictly in accordance with the requirements of the circuit Breakers manufacturers.
(2) Plug-in wiring: On the installation board of the complete set of devices, first install a LV circuit breaker installation seat, six plugs on the installation seat, and six sockets on the connection board of the LV circuit breaker. There is a connecting plate on the surface of the mounting seat or a bolt behind the mounting seat, and the mounting seat is pre-connected with the power supply line and the load line. When in use, the LV circuit breaker is inserted directly into the mounting seat. If the LV circuit breaker is broken, just pull out the broken one and replace it with a good one. Its replacement time is shorter and more convenient than before and after the board. Because inserting and pulling need a certain amount of manpower. Because of the current plug-in products in our country, the current limit of the shelf is 400 A. Consequently, maintenance and replacement time are saved. Installation of plug-in LV circuit breaker should check whether the plug of the LV circuit breaker is tightened, and the LV circuit breaker should be securely tightened to reduce contact resistance and improve reliability.
(3) Drawer wiring: The entry drawer of LV circuit breaker is rotated clockwise or counterclockwise by rocker. Insertion structure is adopted in both main and secondary circuits, which omits the necessary isolation of fixed type, achieves the dual use of one machine, improves the economy of use, brings great convenience to operation and maintenance, and increases safety/reliability. Especially the main circuit contactor base of drawer seat can be used with NT type LV circuit breaker contactor base, so it can be directly inserted into fuse power supply in emergency state.