The difference between the leakage switch and the air switch

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1. Air switch also becomes Air Circuit Breaker. The principle of air switch is to take the air as an insulating medium, connect the current in the circuit, make the element produce heat, cause the inner double metal plate to bend upward after the heat, push, make the lock button open and cut off the power, thus the Air Circuit Breaker will automatically jump to achieve a protective current. General automatic tripping is due to overload or short circuit. When the lock is opened, the device can push the lock button open and achieve the purpose of automatic tripping. Compared to the air switch and the leakage switch, the Air Circuit Breaker is more complicated in principle.

2. What is a leakage switch, rccb circuit breaker, as the name suggests, is to prevent leakage, causing a safety accident device and a switch. The principle of the leakage switch is that it has a small chip on which two things are called windings, one main one, and the main winding is divided into two windings, that is, output and input current winding. If there is no leakage, the output current and the input current are equal, so that the two flux vector on the chip is zero and will not produce any safety accidents on the windings. If it deviates from this principle, then the auxiliary winding will generate electric pressure, push its built-in mechanism, and then automatically jump. In principle, this is one of the differences between the air switch and the leakage switch.

3. In addition to the two principles mentioned above, it is one of the differences between the air switch and the rccb circuit breaker, and the only difference between the two. The two are also different in the protection. Air switch generally used to prevent the heavy load of the circuit, to prevent the human body from electric shock, only play the role of fuse, and the rccb circuit breaker is to prevent the human body from electric shock and leakage, in the circuit load too heavy and not play a big role. Because their working principles are different, the security protection is different, so they are not blindly mixed.

4. Next, the difference between the air switch and the leakage switch is the second point is that the way of action detection is different. The safety switch is purely because the circuit is too heavy to cause the trip to protect the safety of the electricity. The leakage switch detects the residual current, the algebraic sum of the neutral line and the internal phase line of the protective loop current, so the residual current device only needs to avoid the leakage value and is very sensitive to cut off the leakage switch to prevent direct contact. The clicking of the leakage current. So in this way of action detection, this is a big difference between them.

5. In addition, there are many differences between the air switch and the leakage switch. For example, in the protection effect, the air switch is only protective against the current of the large circuit, mainly detecting the short circuit in the circuit and the heavy current, and the leakage switch is a protective effect on the small circuit, mainly detecting the circuit equipment, protecting the safety of the human body and the safety of the equipment. The switch is through the fire line and the zero line, the two lines of current too large will lead to the trip, and the leakage switch only because of the fire line, the human body contact fire line will form a circuit and the ground, resulting in the device will automatically touch, to reach the purpose of the trip, playing the role of protection.