What is the difference between residual current circuit breaker and residual current protector?

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Residual current circuit breakers and residual current protection devices are some of the important tools used for electricity. Because of different factors, they play a different role. What is the difference between residual current circuit breakers (rccb circuit breaker 30ma rcbo) and residual current protection devices?

It is understood that the role of leakage in the circuit is very large, when the current exceeds a predetermined value can automatically switch, the main role of leakage protection switch is to prevent the body from electric shock, thus making life safe and dangerous, generally based on direct contact and indirect contact with two different requirements for protection against electric shock to choose. Leakage protector can also be called Leakage protection switch, its role is to be used when the device has a leakage fault and life-threatening electrical shock protection, with overload and short circuit protection, can be used to protect the line or motor overload and short circuit, also can be used in the normal circumstances as the line is not frequent conversion start, the following look at the difference between the two.

1. The RCBO Circuit Breaker is the switch that controls the electrical circuit. If the air is used as the extinguishing medium, it is called the air circuit breaker (switch). If the sf6 gas is the extinguishing medium, it is called the sulfur hexafluoride circuit breaker (switch). Circuit breakers are generally selected at the rated current (load) and used as the main switch of the electrical circuit.

2. Residual current protection and Leakage protection switch, when an air switch with leakage protection, it is called leakage protection switch. If it is an electrical device that is used solely for leakage protection, it is called earth leakage circuit breakers. Earth leakage circuit breakers because it does not manually shut off and close the body. 3, Earth leakage circuit breakers, it detects the "inflow" and "outflow" for the power supply, because the current on the fire line is equivalent to the outflow point of the power supply, and the current in the neutral line is equivalent to the current "inflow" of the power supply. Point, the line is normally no leakage, the current value into and out of the power supply is equal in magnitude, the opposite direction, but when there is leakage in the circuit, the current flowing back to the power supply on the zero line should be less than the current value from the power supply into the power circuit, reaching 30mA When the protector is about to act, it also cuts off the zero and fire lines. The current flowing in and out of the switch must be equal, otherwise it is judged as leakage. When the leakage current reaches or exceeds a certain degree, a protection action is generated: tripping.

4. If it is used for personal safety protection purposes, the residual current is less than 30mA, which is regarded as safety. If it is greater than 30mA, it is regarded as unsafe and will produce protection actions. Residual current protection The rated current of 30mA leakage protector or protection switch belongs to the same-sensitivity leakage protector or protection switch. Its production protection action time should also be within 0.1 seconds.