Difference between miniature circuit breaker and residual current circuit breaker

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Miniature circuit breakers and residual current circuit breakers are common: circuit breakers.

Miniature circuit breaker with residual current circuit breaker: small difference circuit breaker is short-circuit accident or failure to tripping, and leakage protection circuit breaker is personal electric shock when tripping; miniature circuit breaker capacity can be small, and the leakage protection circuit breaker capacity is not big, general single-phase majority.

Miniature circuit breaker and residual current circuit breaker principle is not the same, the structure is more different, absolutely can not be replaced.

1. Residual current, that is, the line between the ground and the ground through the current (zero line is connected with the earth), the general leakage protection switch action current is 30mA.

2. The firing line and the zero line two lines around on the electromagnet, normal use, there are two lines of the current, and the equal and opposite, so the electromagnet does not produce magnetic leakage or electric shock; when people (people at the same time contact and the earth instead of contact fire wire and zero line, electric shock protector can in this case, only the protection) line with the current through the line, the electromagnet generates a magnetic force to overcome the spring or other resistance will switch off, play a protective role.

3. Only a group of electromagnet coil, normal use is the electromagnetic force generated by the current, when exceeding the rated current, the electromagnetic force generated will be more than a spring or other resistance, will switch off, play a protective role.

4. leakage protection switch is only used to prevent electric shock and leakage, and the circuit overload (short circuit) will not play a protective role;

Miniature circuit breaker circuit for preventing overload (some low voltage protection function, principle, can not protect the electric shock, as can be imagined) just play the role of the fuse, the two do not mix.

leakage protection switch can also be said to be a small circuit breaker, mechanical action, arc extinguishing methods are similar. But because the leakage circuit breaker mainly protects the human body, the general action value is Ma level.

In addition, motion detection in different ways: leakage circuit breaker for residual current protection device, it is detected by the residual current, the algebra and the protected circuit line and neutral line current instantaneous value (including three-phase unbalanced current in the neutral harmonic current). For this reason, the current of its operation only needs to escape from the normal leakage current value (mA), so the grounding fault can be cut off very sensitively, and the direct contact with the electric shock is avoided. The miniature circuit breaker is pure over-current trip (A).