Explore the application of DC circuit breakers

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With the development of science and technology, photovoltaic products have been widely used, such as TAIXI Electric TXCM1Z series of DC Molded Case circuit breaker (80 100 150 250 300 400 amp dc circuit breaker, dc mccb), so what place is the DC circuit breaker suitable for? Let ‘s explore it.
For example, the power system in power plants, substations and other large capacity, high voltage power system, the DC system for relay protection, operation control, signal sound and accident lighting and other equipment to provide reliable power supply, small DC circuit breaker as a DC system One of the most important components, its stable and reliable operation will directly guarantee the safety of the entire power system. DC power information industry booming ushered in the communications power supply, EPS, UPS and other DC power industry development, base stations, data centers like mushrooming in the Divine Land, in order to ensure the high precision DC power requirements, as a DC Power supply in the various stages of the feed circuit of the most important operation and protection of components of the DC circuit breaker, with its reliable selective grading with the protection of equipment, limiting the scope of the accident plays a very important role. Rail transit and electric locomotives At present, China's urban rail transit system are powered by DC system. And its DC power supply mostly high-power silicon rectifier device, silicon rectifier components due to low overload capacity, the requirements of the DC power grid protection components higher. Rapid analysis of DC special circuit breaker in the rail transit of the important components. Ships in the ship power system and electric propulsion system, the DC circuit breaker is one of the most important components. It protects against faults in power distribution systems and electrical equipment, and provides a variety of protection to ensure the safety of ship power supply systems and electrical equipment.