Development trend of dual power automatic transfer switch (ATSE)

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Generally consists of two parts: ATSE electrical switch body controller.

The development trend of ATSE (dual power transfer switch) mainly includes two aspects: one is the main switch, with anti impact current ability is very high, and frequent conversion; with reliable mechanical interlock, to ensure that in any state power supply not parallel operation; don't allow a fuse or tripping device, to prevent the dual power transfer switch due to overload due to the output power; four level switch with N level before the function, to prevent the dual power transfer switch, N line potential drift in different systems, the current trend is not consistent or shunt caused by residual current protection device malfunction. The second is the controller, microprocessor and integrated chip intelligent products, detection module has high detection accuracy, logical judgment module has a wide range of setting parameters (voltage, frequency, delay time and the necessary shielding) state display equipment, to meet the different requirements of the load; has good electromagnetic compatibility, can withstand the the main circuit of the voltage fluctuation, voltage wave, harmonic interference and electromagnetic interference effects; fast conversion time, and adjustable delay time; can provide all kinds of signals and control interface, communication interface for users.

Seen from the development process of ATSE and the trend of development, the practical application of PC ATSE in engineering will become the mainstream of the ATSE.

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