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Advantages of Automatic Reclosing Power Protector

Promulgator : TAIXIDate : 2019-03-09Views : 3463

Automatic reclosing power protector, which greatly reduces the possibility of leakage, but also better protect the aging of circuit lines and other issues. Today, automatic reclosing power protector manufacturer TAIXI Electric tells you about the advantages of automatic reclosing power protector.
1. Automatic Reclosing Power Protector can automatically distinguish between slow and sudden leakage (shock) for protection. Retaining the advantages of phase and amplitude discriminator technology, the relative sudden change of leakage current is consistent in the case of unbalanced three-phase leakage. It eliminates the oversensitive and insensitive phases of mutation leakage.
2. Automatic Reclosing Power Protector can operate under conditions of low insulation level, large leakage current and poor stability.
3. The digital filter technology is adopted in the Automatic Reclosing Power Protector, which enhances the anti-interference ability and makes the online operation more reliable.
4. Digital display of leakage current and fault indication is convenient for fault analysis and fault detection.
5. Digital display of automatic opening, closing times and manual opening and closing times. It provides the assessment basis for field operators for the power system management department.
6. Intelligent identification of short-term leakage and permanent fault, leakage fault disappears in a short time, automatic reclosure put into operation, in case of permanent fault, automatic blocking.
7. Automatic Reclosing Power Protector can prevent lightning induced high voltage from breaking into low voltage lines and weak current equipment from being damaged.
8. The automatic reclosing power protector can automatically and intelligently track and set the upper limit safety value of the line's slow-changing leakage current, and can also set the limit action value of slow-changing and sudden-changing leakage current manually.
9. Voltage anomaly protection, such as phase absence, over-voltage and under-voltage.
10. Energy-saving effect is remarkable: effectively plugging leakage current and reducing line loss.
11. Automatic Reclosing Power Protector has high interrupting ability. Using advanced technology from abroad, it is the first to solve the problem of low interrupting ability of similar products. The interrupting current can reach 65KA (the highest value of interrupting current of the same type of protector is 10KA), which ensures the reliability of interrupting when the circuit breaker (protector) operates under heavy load.
12. Automatic Reclosing Power Protector has a long service life. Using advanced technology from abroad, it is the first to solve the shortcoming of short service life of the same kind of products (the maximum life of the same type of protector is 100A 3000 times, and that of the same type protector is more than 200A 1000 times). The operation cost is greatly reduced.
13. Automatic Reclosing Power Protector has small size and beautiful appearance. It integrates leakage relay, AC contactor and leakage circuit breaker. The installation position is reduced and the wiring is simplified.
Automatic Reclosing Power Protector has so many advantages, in fact, the most important thing is to protect our electricity security.