What is the intelligent air circuit breaker?

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What is the intelligent air circuit breaker? Many people may not understand what it is. First, I will briefly introduce its origin. It is an intelligent low-voltage circuit breaker with intelligent control system installed on it, which can monitor, troubleshoot, locate and alarm the electric circuit. The structure of traditional circuit breaker is relatively simple. The main structure plus action mechanism can only protect abnormal lines from network breaking.

With the advancement of science and technology, intelligent information is brought into low-voltage circuit breakers. By installing micro-processors on them, it has more intelligent and comprehensive functions, which significantly improves the protection of distribution lines of circuit breakers. In addition, the intelligent air circuit breaker also has excellent system compatibility. Its RS45 interface can be used in other communication devices to form an area network system, realize four functions of long-distance communication, control, monitoring and positioning, and achieve true universal intelligence.

The intelligent air circuit breaker have developed many different series of products, which can be divided into shelf level current and rated level current according to current level. Shell-level current refers to the rated current of the circuit breaker, which is the same, the maximum current that the shell bears, and the rated current refers to the rated current of the industrial and agricultural work of the circuit breaker. Both of them refer to the inside and the outside. Many customers often confuse shelf-level current with rated-level current without specifying the specific corresponding value when ordering from the manufacturer, resulting in confusion in the order.

The so-called intelligent circuit breaker is to add a set of intelligent control system on it. The control system consists of microprocessor, control panel and multi-functional display screen. It provides powerful line current parameter detection, analysis, communication and rich man-machine functions. This is something that people could not imagine before.

The following is about the protection function of intelligent ACB circuit breaker, which includes four main protection functions: overload long-delay protection, short-circuit short-delay protection, short-circuit instantaneous protection and grounding fault protection. The parameters of each protection function are not immobilized. Users can make numerical changes according to their own requirements. The operation is very simple. It is convenient to input the desired parameters on the control panel. It can be done.

Overload Long Delay Protection: Traditional low-voltage circuit breakers can only provide overload protection, can not delay, once overload abnormality occurs in the power grid, the network will be cut off immediately. If this can effectively protect the absolute safety of the power grid, but it will also have adverse effects on its electrical equipment on the line. Because the reality is that the current overload is caused by the instantaneous start-up of electrical equipment. When the machine runs smoothly, the grid current will stabilize.

Although the instantaneous overload time caused by electrical pneumatics is very short, the ACB circuit breaker can detect that if the circuit breaker works immediately, it will affect the normal operation of the electrical equipment on the line. The function of overload long delay protection is to make the electrical work normally by overloading the line current with a delay time.

Short-circuit delay protection and short-circuit instantaneous protection are similar in principle to overload long-delay protection, so we will not go on here.

Grounding fault protection is another major function bright spot of intelligent ACB circuit breaker. Ground wires are used to prevent leakage of electric lines from harming electrical equipment and personnel. But sometimes the grounding line fails, if there is grounding fault protection, alarm reminds the workers to repair, the hidden safety hazards can be eliminated.