Circuit breaker development integrates intelligent technology to keep up with the trend of the times

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The circuit breaker is a kind of technical equipment which can protect the power line and motor according to the current size. The development of science and technology also promotes its final fusion of intelligent technology, and the intelligent circuit breaker is also beginning to face the market development.

The circuit breaker can be used to distribute electric energy, start asynchronous motor infrequently, protect the power line and motor and so on. When they have serious overload or short circuit and undervoltage, the circuit can be cut off automatically. The function of the circuit breaker is equivalent to the combination of the fuse type switch and the over heat relay.

At present, the application of circuit breaker equipment has been relatively extensive in the development and construction of power system. With the rise of the construction of smart grid, the technical level of the supporting equipment is also higher, intelligent and intelligent, and the technology development of the circuit breaker is becoming more and more intelligent.

Intelligent circuit breaker is a new two circuit breaker system built by microelectronics, computer technology and new sensors. Its main feature is that the power electronic technology and digital control device constitute an executive unit to replace auxiliary switches and auxiliary relays of conventional mechanical structures. The new sensor is matched with digital control device, and the data can be collected independently. The defect and fault can be detected and the alarm signal is sent out before the defect becomes fault, so as to take measures to avoid the accident. Intelligent circuit breaker realizes electronic operation, changing mechanical energy storage into capacitance energy storage, changing mechanical transmission to drive directly by frequency converter, and improving reliability of mechanical system.

Intelligent circuit breakers are used to control and protect low-voltage distribution networks. The intelligent circuit breaker is usually installed in the low voltage distribution DW45 ACB air circuit breaker cabinet to make the main switch play the role of total protection. The technical performance of DW45 ACB air circuit breaker has reached the advanced level of the same type of products in the world.

The working process of the intelligent operation circuit breaker is: when the system fault is sent out by the relay protection device or the operator sends out the operation signal, the intelligent recognition module is first started, the working conditions of the current circuit breaker are judged, the different fixed quantity control information is issued to the adjusting device, and the operating mechanism is automatically adjusted. The parameters are obtained to match the motion characteristics of the current system, and then make the circuit breaker act.