What are the features of the dual power automatic transfer switch?

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1. Dual power automatic transfer switch can realize reliable switching between two power sources. Dual power transfer switch is made up of one or more switching switches and other necessary electrical appliances, used to detect power and circuit, and to convert one or more load circuits from one power source to another.

2. The dual power automatic transfer switch has the functions of self switching and power grid generator and three switching functions. It can detect the three phase voltage effective value and phase voltage effective value and phase of the power supply of the three-phase four wire power grid in real time. When any phase is overvoltage, undervoltage (including phase absence), Dual power transfer switch can automatically from abnormal The power is switched to the normal power supply. In a simple way, it is a common use of standby. When the common electricity is suddenly broken down or blackout, the switch is switched by the double power supply, and Dual power transfer switch is automatically put into the standby power supply. (the spare power supply is also supplied by the generator under the small load), so the equipment can still run normally.

3. The dual power automatic transfer switch can also be used to produce power generation and unloading instructions for the product of the power system of power grid. It is a kind of dual power supply system with perfect performance, safety, reliability, high automation and wide use. At present, it is common for elevators, fire control and monitoring. The UPS uninterruptible power supply used by banks is also, but his backup is battery pack. There are a large number of factories and mines that have loads and two types of loads.