What about the leakage of household appliances?

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When you are at home for the weekend to enjoy a rare leisure time, the emergency situation of electricity leakage from home appliances, if you do not reserve a point of leakage protection common sense, how to protect yourself at the first time? Do not think that leakage is a very small probability. Now, news reports are caused by electrical leakage and electrical accidents.

Knowledge of leakage protector

The leakage protector, also known as the leakage protection switch and the leakage protection circuit breakers are protective appliance used to protect the insulation of the circuit or electrical insulation, to prevent the personal electric shock and electric fire when the ground is short circuited. It is generally installed on the outlet circuit of every household distribution box and the power supply line of the total distribution box of the whole building. It can be used to protect overload or short circuit of line or motor, and can also be used for normal frequent switch starting.

Three types of leakage protectors

The leakage protector can be divided into three kinds: leakage protection relay, leakage protection switch and leakage protection socket according to protection function and usage. Among them, the leakage protection relay has the function of detecting and judging leakage current, but it doesn't have leakage protection circuit breakers that leads and turns off the main circuit function. The leakage protection switch is a leakage protection device that has the function of detecting and judging leakage current, and also has the function of conducting and closing the main circuit. The leakage protection socket is a power outlet with function of detecting and judging leakage current and cutting off the loop.

The frame of the leakage protector

The current type leakage protection circuit breakers take the residual current in the circuit as the action signal, and takes the electronic component as the intermediate mechanism, with high sensitivity and complete function. Now, we take the current leakage protector as an example to introduce the structure of the leakage protector.

The working principle of the leakage protector

When the electrical equipment leakage, there will be abnormal current and voltage signals, that is, the residual current and the earth voltage of the device housing. The leakage protection device is through the detection mechanism to obtain these two kinds of abnormal signals, through the intermediate mechanism conversion and transmission, and then actuate the actuator action, and switch off the power supply through the switch equipment.

For example, when electric shock occurs in the home, the electric shock current flows through the earth forming circuit and generates zero sequence current. The zero sequence current does not flow back through the primary coil of the transformer, thereby destroying the balance, so the core has zero sequence magnetic flux, and the two coil of the transformer has output signal. This signal is judged by magnifying and comparing components. If it reaches the predetermined action value, it sends execution signal to the actuating element to switch off, cut off the power and play the role of safety protection.

Electricity safety can never be ignored at any time, because there are elderly people and children at home. Not only the owner of the household only buys the leakage protector, let the fitment master install it, at the same time know the working principle of the leakage protector, and reduce the probability of leakage safety accident.