Composition of automatic transfer switch

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Automatic transfer switch, as its name implies, it consists of one or more switches and other necessary electrical appliances. It can monitor the circuit of the power supply in real time, and the dual power automatic switch has the standby power besides the common power supply.

Automatic transfer switch conditions can automatically judge the power of two, if there is failure or outage when the normal power supply, dual power automatic switch will automatically switch to the standby power supply immediately above the go, so that you can keep the normal power supply, so the need to use electrical equipment will continue normal operation.

The structure of double power automatic transfer switch is composed of controller, conversion mechanism and body. The controller is very important. It can be said that the controller is the brain of double power automatic switch. It can control the switch of double power supply and switch the two power supply. The switching mechanism is composed of a drive mechanism and a transmission mechanism, the function of which is to realize non breaking and connection, and also to determine the mechanical reliability of the dual power transfer switch. As for the dual power transfer switch, the main body of the switch is composed of contact, contact mechanism and arc extinguishing cover, which directly determines the electrical characteristics of the dual power transfer switch.