Detailed explanation of the working principle of residual current circuit breaker

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1. Working principle of residual current devices

Residual current circuit breaker, as its name suggests, is a device to protect the residual current of electricity, which is very important in the household, of course, in other occasions there are special devices. When the current in the power supply exceeds the maximum current value set ahead of time, the residual current circuit breaker will automatically disconnect, play a role in protecting the power supply, so as not to bring unnecessary safety accidents. The leakage circuit breaker wiring diagram, leading, FireWire, no leakage, the firing line and the zero line in the opposite direction, is equal to the current, when there is leakage, will produce a magnetic current range, this will disconnect the electric residual current circuit breaker to protect the role.

2. The role of residual current circuit breaker

Through the residual current circuit breaker, let us understand the residual current is very important for personal safety. Once again, when we see the wiring diagram of the leakage protection switch, we will also make clear how much this way will do to us. The main function of the leakage protection switch is that when the leakage of electricity or electric shock occurs, the device of the leakage protection switch will immediately cut off the power supply to protect people's safety and prevent the occurrence of electric shock. In addition, there are some wiring diagrams of earth leakage circuit breakers, and some other devices are installed, so that the residual current circuit breaker has both short-circuit and overload functions.