The function of eletric meter box?

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The electric meter box is widely used in every field of national economy, as an important support of the industry, national defense construction and major project construction, is an important basic industry of our national economy, and is the necessities of people's daily life. With the competition of meter box industry in our country, quality has become an important factor that restricts the further development of electric meter box industry in china. The quality problem of the low domestic electric meter box is originated from the small and medium-sized enterprises. It is a cup of soup for the sub meter box market, sacrificing the quality to win the market a little bit of "a place". "The specific factors can be divided into":

A poor quality view. In the market attention of SMEs, and different is that large enterprises began to focus on independent brands. Understanding the quality management of SMEs has a certain bias, they almost do not know the quality of management control, lack of industry activities. In order to seek benefits, in order to catch up with the progress, the pursuit of speed, quality assurance requirements, tend to relax, resulting in substandard quality products. If the products are not qualified, they first measure does not change, but through a variety of means to clear the relationship between the imperial sword ".

Lack of funds. Small and medium-sized enterprises do not have the production electric meter box, large enterprises ostentatious, financing ability are different, so they remain at a low level of replication technology. Due to lack of funds, small and medium-sized meter box enterprises do not have the ability to purchase production equipment, high technology content, it can not attract more high-tech personnel. Hardware and talent can not keep up with the development of small and medium-sized electric box enterprises to improve product quality has become a difficult problem.

Poor market environment. Our current meter box industry price war, for small and medium-sized enterprises have the advantage of not meter box production, because the production process production equipment can not keep up, not advanced, lack of talents, resulting in the cost of production is difficult to control. Disorderly competition in the enthusiasm, vicious competition in the market, price competition dampened the electric meter box, to ensure product quality.

In order to make the quality control of the meter box in the best, supervision needs passive as active supervision. Conger electric from the procurement of raw materials, production technology of finished products and semi-finished products, then the product stored in the whole process, must conduct quality control from the source, the use of high quality raw materials, eliminating inferior harmful substances. Strict selection of raw materials to ensure that all raw materials selection, performance indicators must be qualified, 100% can be used. After this, the timely sampling all raw materials inspection, identification, tracking, to ensure that the original data in the production process, through the strengthening of every production process quality inspection and production process, the factory on the performance of the product testing to ensure product quality strictly, ensure that each batch of qualified meter box.

Of course, good industrial roots are not only unilateral work, but also government and social assistance. Adhere to government, market, social participation, enterprises as the main principle, to mobilize all forces to make concerted efforts to form a joint force, key breakthrough, promote the overall quality of the establishment and implementation, through comprehensive renovation, and strive to achieve significantly promote the meter box product quality level, government regulation and enterprise quality responsibility level.