Concrete function of fiber termination box

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1. The main function of the fiber termination box is actually the centralized management of all weak current from each room, which contains different modules, such as cable TV splitter, can take a cable branch for the four or five distribution to different rooms without affecting the transmission performance.

2. FTTH can realize home office automation, entertainment automation, security automation, management automation

Home office automation: phone / fax / telephone / broadband access, broadband network and computer signals in different locations of the indoor outdoor connection in different locations on the Internet at the same time, at the same time, the family computer network to set up a home network, realize the sharing of cyber source. The telephone line of each room can be planned and managed online, and the multiple phones can be answered and transferred at will.

Family entertainment automation: Cable TV / video on demand / multi interactive games / online shopping / remote education / satellite television, can watch the living room in the DVD, VCD, satellite TV, movies, decoder programs, enjoy the background music in different rooms. ?

Home security automation: anti-theft alarm / fire / gas leak alarm / emergency button / remote monitoring / video intercom doorbell / CCTV / card, such as fire, robbers. The members of illness in the home, in the community security center contact channel.

Family management automation: lighting, household appliances remote control / water, electricity and gas meter / electronic bulletin, at a glance, safe and reliable, convenient for maintenance and upgrade.