The development trend of the circuit breaker

Promulgator : TAIXIDate : 2017-05-05Views : 213

Chinese low voltage miniature circuit breakers are development as the direction of requirements of "miniature, modular, multi-function, modular accessories, high breaking, low noise, reliable work, and gradually realize the intelligent", constantly create new products meet the needs of the times. The main development of diode and quadrupole, the size of the module, the installation of the guide, the short break from the existing 4kA, 6kA to 10 to 15kA. In terms of function there are sub -, under voltage, over voltage, off phase, sound and light alarm, anti - theft and other ancillary devices (modular).  

With the reform and development of the power industry and the urban and rural power grid, in the development of intelligent building, city construction, rural urban industrial automation control, put forward higher technical requirements for Chinese miniature circuit breaker, at the same time our country joined WTO for miniature circuit breaker industry in China has brought new the development opportunities, but the opportunities and challenges coexist, so China's low-voltage miniature circuit breaker is facing a development opportunity and how to adapt to the challenge of market economy, we must strengthen the scientific research and development efforts, to provide the market with high quality and high reliability of low voltage circuit breaker.