Matters needing attention in installation and use of electric meter box

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Matters needing attention in installation and use of plastic meter box or electric meter box
1. Please carefully check the meter box parts in the installation.
2. Installation location should be selected without severe vibration, the impact is not enough to damage the electrical components of the place.
3. The meter box should be installed vertically and the inclination angle should not exceed 5 °.
4. In the course of the use of maintenance and cleaning of the meter box scene.
5. The materials used in the meter box are not resistant to alkali, oxidizing acids and amines, ketones, soluble in hydrogenation and aromatic solvents, so should avoid contact with these chemicals.
6. Avoid sharp objects and hard objects to scratch the surface of the meter box during use.
7. Meter box installation should try to choose a cool dry place, to avoid direct sunlight for a long time to extend the meter box and the energy meter and electrical components of the service life.