Investigation report on future development trend of photovoltaic DC circuit breaker

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Investigation report on the future development trend of photovoltaic DC circuit breaker

Abstract: Photovoltaic DC circuit breaker (c45n dc mcb, dc mini circuit breaker) is widely used now, the applicable scope is more extensive, in view of the future development trend of photovoltaic DC circuit breaker in China, in order to lay a solid foundation for product development and production.


1. Research background:

At present, the photovoltaic industry has an important strategic significance in the national "12th Five-Year" plan, it can be said that China's photovoltaic industry determines the development of the smart grid, and DC circuit breaker switch as important equipment in the photovoltaic industry, the photovoltaic industry is directly determines the development, so the development of the current domestic Kung Fu DC circuit breaker the study has profound meaning.


2. Research content

2.1 photovoltaic DC circuit breaker sales in the country

2.2 photovoltaic DC circuit breaker development

2.3 PV DC circuit breaker product consumer satisfaction


3. Basic research situation

3.1 Photovoltaic DC circuit breakers in the country sales are on the rise

As photovoltaic DC circuit breaker special has a pivotal role in the development of wind power in China at present, with the support of the wind force power generation and application of the technology, the scope of application of photovoltaic DC circuit breaker gradually expanded, resulting in greater market demand for the product. And, in many aspects, such as metallurgy, petrochemical, power and other types of photovoltaic application project,

With the increase in the application of photovoltaic DC circuit breakers in the country sales are on the rise.

3.2 PV DC circuit breaker development situation is steadily increasing trend

Photovoltaic energy development is a new project of state support, as long as the use of this technology will use the DC circuit breaker, so it can be concluded that this product is now the market saturation is not high, good prospects for development.

3.3 Photovoltaic DC circuit breakers market recognition and consumer satisfaction

Photovoltaic DC circuit breaker current market successfully, all products are sold, in the research I approach to relatively large projects or enterprises in the investigation, the buyer in the high end choice basis is different, but generally choose love with technical support and customer service service photovoltaic DC circuit breaker service, customer service is a kind of competition product protection, but also the future of the PV market DC circuit breaker which sells better a place worthy of scrutiny.

In terms of customer satisfaction, as the buyer is more important is the long-term after-sales and the current brand of technical strength, so as to protect the performance of the product and product quality.


4. Summary

To sum up, through research, China's photovoltaic industry is gradually rising, the future is a key development project, on the one hand, the photovoltaic DC circuit breaker Market with unprecedented competition, only in the perspective of sustainable development, brand benefit, improve product sales customer service mechanism, can provide strong technical support, in order to be able to make a product sold, that is to say the future development prospects of photovoltaic DC circuit breaker will be bright.