Discussion on the difference between molded case circuit breaker and miniature circuit breaker

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With the development of science and technology, the common circuit breakers are molded case circuit breaker and miniature circuit breakers, their difference is as follows:

The main function of molded case circuit breaker is to provide protection for overload and short circuit in low voltage distribution system and motor protection circuit. Because of its reliability and stability, it is widely used in industry. Miniature circuit breaker is also used in the scope and quantity of circuit breakers are very large, the main function is to provide protection for the construction of electrical terminal distribution devices. Because both belong to the circuit breaker, and the plastic case circuit breaker is used for small capacity, so it is very realistic and important to know the difference between them. Here to do a simple description.

First of all, the basic similarities, because both belong to circuit breakers, are required to comply with some of the basic product standards, the same principle of work. Then said the difference between the 2, in general, the following points: 1 electrical parameters of different mechanical parameters of the 3 different working environment in addition to the purchase from the point of view, specifically the difference between the two.

The current level of the molded case circuit breaker is the highest 2000A, while the maximum current rating of the miniature circuit breaker is less than 125A. Because both the capacity gap in specific work, the effective area of MCCB is greater than the miniature circuit breaker, while access leads are relatively coarse, can reach more than 35 square feet, and the miniature circuit breaker is only suitable for the following 10 square wire. So the general situation for the room, the room is more suitable for the selection of molded case circuit breaker. install

Molded case circuit breaker with screw installation, easy compression, good contact, stable operation. The miniature circuit breaker is mainly through the rail installation, sometimes due to insufficient torque and lead to poor contact. As a result of the different installation methods, which led to the installation of molded case circuit breaker is more stable than the small circuit breaker, the difficulty is also lower. Operation and life

Operation view. The molded case circuit breaker adopts two sets of devices to protect the over-current and short circuit, and the overcurrent protection action value can be adjusted manually. The miniature circuit breaker on the overcurrent and short-circuit sharing a set of devices, the current can not be adjusted, resulting in a lot of time can not solve the problem. The molded case circuit breaker has the advantages of large interphase distance, arc extinguishing cover, strong arc extinguishing ability, large short-circuit current, and short phase short circuit. Use flexibility

In this respect, the molded case circuit breaker is more outstanding, and it is more flexible than the miniature circuit breaker. The over current and short circuit protection devices of the molded case circuit breaker are independent, and the operation value of the overcurrent protection can be adjusted flexibly. The over-current protection and short circuit protection of miniature circuit breaker is a unified device. According to the above situation, it seems that the micro circuit breaker is better, but in fact, for some time, still need to choose a miniature circuit breaker.

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