DC miniature circuit breaker - small size, great effect!

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DC miniature circuit breaker (DZ47Z-63: c45n dc mcb, dc mini circuit breaker) is as the name suggests it is a miniature circuit breaker DC mode, using the DC miniature circuit breaker in life can be very broad, like family, industry, power industry and other fields have found it. So what is a circuit breaker? That we should all know that the circuit breaker is a kind of capable of carrying a certain voltage or current of a machine, such as our life with more power, electrical power at the same time the use of the time, the family would lead to excessive voltage shunt is stable. This is a kind of carrying capacity is too high, not only may cause the family fire, but also threaten people's own safety. But on the circuit breaker to play such a good protection effect, it appears in the circuit short circuit or high voltage automatically disconnect switch. With the use of circuit breakers are becoming more and more families, the phenomenon of the emergence of the phenomenon of electric circuit is almost reduced to lower and lower, people have to get a good security.

Nowadays, with the continuous development of science and technology, there are different types, such as photovoltaic DC small circuit breaker. This is generally used at home, because of its small size, plastic manufacturing characteristics, widely used by people.