Domestic development of dual power automatic transfer switch

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Double power supply transfer system product (ats automatic transfer switch) development has generally experienced three categories: contactor type, molded case circuit breaker / load isolation switch class, integrated automatic transfer switch type.



This kind of switching power supply system with contactor to execute switching components, switching function with intermediate relay logic control module or the two loop control function for non-standard products, disadvantage is the main circuit contactor needs two circuit energized for a long time, easy to produce temperature fever, contact bonding, coil burning fault. Because it is non-standard products, the composition of components, product quality by components, manufacturing process control, high failure rate, has gradually been replaced by new products.


Molded case circuit breaker

This kind of switching power supply system with MCCB switching execution units, switching function with ATS automatic control unit, a mechanical and electrical interlocking, perfect function, good performance, high service life, less components, convenient installation. This class is a class CB switching switch electrical equipment, by the two circuit breaker as the current breaking unit, and equipped with current release, with a certain degree of protection, circuit breaker on / off capacity is much higher than the relay.

The steady state of this kind of product is maintained by the mechanical structure, due to the difference between the circuit breaker and the load isolating switch itself, the application effect is not as good as that of the PC product under the condition of over current.


Load isolation switch

The load isolating switch type switch electric appliance is installed on the basis of the two load isolating switches, and the utility model is composed of an electric operating mechanism, a mechanical interlocking mechanism and an automatic control unit. Current breaking unit load isolating switch, the arc system is to break the first arc design requirements, do not have the protection function of the circuit, this product belongs to PC class products, because it uses a spring energy, instantaneous release acceleration mechanism, can quickly convert connecting and disconnecting circuit or circuit, product operation and reliable performance.


Integrated automatic transfer switch

The utility model relates to a power conversion system which is composed of a switch and a logic control, and the utility model does not need an external controller to realize the automatic switching of the electromechanical integration. The contact system of the power supply switching system adopts the design of single pole double throw, which is designed and manufactured in a unified way with small size and simple structure. The product does not have the function of current protection, belonging to the PC class switch electrical products. This kind of products are generally the conversion time is relatively small, the switch is driven by the drive motor, the switching operation is stable and reliable, only in the motor drive current through the switching moment, without providing the working current of the steady state, energy saving. The product does not have the temperature rise heating, the contact bond, the coil to burn the phenomenon. The switch is provided with an electromechanical interlocking device, which can realize the automatic switching of the input, the self input, the voltage loss, the under voltage protection, the phase failure protection, the manual automatic conversion and the time delay control.

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