Double power supply automatic transfer switch

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Double power supply automatic transfer switch (TXQ6: 200 amp automatic transfer switch), which is a device controlled by a microprocessor, and is used for starting and switching of the network and network or the network and the generator in the power system. Series dual power supply, when electric sudden failure or power outage, the dual power switch, automatic input to the standby power, (standby power under small load but also by generators, the equipment can still run normally). The most common elevator, fire control, monitoring, lighting, etc..

Brief introduction

ATS also known as ATSE, Automatic transfer Switching equipment.

200 amp automatic transfer switch that converts one or more load circuits from one source to another. The utility model relates to an electric appliance which is used for monitoring a power supply circuit and automatically converting one or a plurality of load circuits from one power source to another. Electric power industry is referred to as "dual power automatic transfer switch" or "dual power switch". GB standard definition of ATS products on the grounds of a (or several) switch electrical appliances and other necessary for the detection of electric appliances, power supply circuit, and one or more load circuit from a power supply automatic switching to another power appliances. Dual power supply ATS 200 amp automatic transfer switch is suitable for applications in the field of construction and other key fire load the EPS is suitable for EPS is to solve the emergency lighting, emergency lighting, fire protection facilities, a power supply equipment as the main target, provides an emergency power supply system with independent circuit comply with fire code of. UPS is mainly for the IT industry equipment to provide electricity, to provide pure, uninterrupted backup power supply. Power supply mode of the diesel generator is suitable for use in power supply places which need long time backup power supply with ATS, EPS and UPS.

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