The correct installation of lightning protector is the premise of lightning protection

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Lightning disaster is one of the main meteorological disasters in China, with the development of economy and the improvement of people's living standards, a variety of high-tech electronic equipment is becoming more and more popular, lightning disasters are more prominent, the internal lightning protection device is an effective protective measures to prevent lightning damage in building electrical and electronic systems, including shielding, equipotential bonding and surge protective devices (SPD), etc., reasonable wiring installation of lightning protection device is one of the important measures.


1. For lightning current intrusion from the power line, should realize the multi-level protection, multi-level protection are the lightning protection area of the lightning current level, step by step to discharge, make the voltage limit with each other, the over voltage limit in equipment insulation strength.


2. In the installation of the use of power supply lightning protection in the multi-level protection should pay attention to energy distribution, if the installation is not possible to introduce more lightning energy into the protection area. The lightning protection device has the characteristics that the lightning current is larger, the residual voltage is higher, and the lightning current flowing through the power distribution is not small. It should be noted that, if only the low response voltage of the lightning protection device without considering the voltage coordination, the final lightning protection is dangerous.


3. The scope of protection is limited. General lightning protection device and equipment line distance of more than 10m will make the protective effect can not meet the design requirements, this is because the oscillating voltage caused by the reflection of the cable between the lightning protection device and equipment in need of protection on the amplitude and the length of the transmission line, the load impedance is proportional to the.


4. In the installation of lightning protection devices should be considered when lightning arrester with voltage and energy distribution, such as only in the equipment installed in the front of lightning, because there is no pre protection, strong lightning current will be attracted to the front of the equipment, the lightning arrester residual pressure over equipment insulation strength. This requires lightning protection must be installed in accordance with the principle of hierarchy.


5. In other cases, the wrong installation will not be able to effectively protect the equipment. Lightning arrester long connecting line, lightning protection work, voltage connecting line inductance caused by the high performance of this issue in the final application of lightning protection device obviously. The solution to this problem is to use a short connection line, but also to the use of more than two to separate the connection line to share the magnetic field strength, reduce pressure drop, single line connection is no effect. If necessary, it can reduce the length of the connecting wire by changing the wiring of the protected line. The ground wire of the lightning protection device is not connected with the protective device of the protective device, which adopts a single lightning protection grounding. This will cause a dangerous voltage between the protected line and the equipment to be protected. The method to solve this problem is that the grounding of the lightning arrester should be connected with the protection of the equipment.


Therefore, we remind you that there are many problems in the installation of lightning protection need to pay attention to, in the installation process, it is best to find professional installation, to ensure the safety of the use of lightning arrester.