Function of DC circuit breaker

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DC circuit breaker (12 volt dc circuit breaker 60 50 40 30 20 10 amp) has a super current limiting function, can accurately protect the relay protection, automatic equipment from overload, short circuit and other shortcomings. The DC circuit breaker has the advantages of current limiting and arc extinguishing ability. After a lot of scientific experiments, it can be concluded that the protection of the main (sub) screen, the protective screen and the relay screen level in the DC system below 3000Ah can be completed.

Screen flow outlet circuit breaker has two main uses, a control power supply, a switching power supply. Choose when first select the breaker's closing capacity, the rules of the power specification: 0.3 times of circuit breaker usually switching current circuit breaker, such as electromagnetic operating organization, switching current of 100A (or 200A), then the DC breaker capacity is 30A, close to the standard 32A (200A the selection of 63A). The selection of the control switch is usually two lower than the closing switch, if the mother switch select 32A, the master switch on the selection of 20A.

High voltage circuit breaker now rarely have electromagnetic type operating organization, intelligent low-voltage circuit breaker are basically spring operation organization, has greatly reduced the switching current, the practical application of parenting to storage only DC motor power supply, motor current energy as long as 2A. So many of the DC main switch usually 16A control switch, mother 10A, some Shuangxing in DC panel will not control all switch, mother, all 10A, 16A, or 20A.

Main circuit includes a movable contact support lower cohesion row, large tank shaped magnet, an upper row and the appearance of cohesion silver plated contact closing device is composed of a belt composed of closing coil. The barrier breakers inclusive of a moving magnet core, contact pressure spring and a reset spring core; all of these components were installed on the operating rod. The shifting fork unit is installed at the top of the operating rod. Overcurrent tripping device includes a laminated sheet composed of the armature, a movable lever connected to the core by the spring on the control, because the rod effect can set the trip setting.  

Five to help contact is dynamic reversing contacts control. They are located in the lower part of the plastic box. The arc extinguishing chamber comprises an angle plate, a baffle plate and a de ionized plate which are arranged between two arc extinguishing plates. When the circuit breaker is closed because of the over current or the normal branch instruction, the drive organization will drive the movable contact to be divided. The push organization is the same effect on 5 reversing auxiliary contacts.

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