Guide for selection of molded case circuit breakers

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Guide for selection of molded case circuit breakers (DZ20 125a 150a 200a 350a 500a circuit breaker)

(1) Suit one's measures to local conditions

According to the specific conditions of use, select the category, according to the rated current of the circuit and the protection requirements to determine the specific parameters. When the rated current is less than 630A, the short circuit current is not too large. Rated current is relatively large, you can choose the frame circuit breaker (ACB), of course, can also be used with those good performance molded case circuit breaker instead. For short circuit current particularly large branch should pay attention to the circuit breaker current limiting ability can meet the requirements. The circuit breaker must have the function of leakage protection.

(2) Cost performance ratio

After the type and parameter of the circuit breaker (DZ20 125a 150a 200a 350a 500a circuit breaker) is determined, the price performance ratio becomes the key factor for us to choose the products. In can meet the basic requirements of the use of conditions, the circuit breaker to the best safe and reliable, has certain scalability, such as can be adjusted to adapt to changes, the future load within a certain range to achieve function expansion with module etc..