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Working principle of AC contactor

Promulgator : TAIXIDate : 2017-04-02Views : 131

1. Introduction

The utility model relates to a contactor, which is a device which uses a coil to flow through an electric current to generate a magnetic field to make the contact close. AC contactor as a kind of contactor, the completion of the role of the control load, but also on the basis of the original more than a prerequisite: the coil flows through the AC current. AC contactor has been widely used, common products are CJX2, CJ20, CJT1, B and others.


2. Structure

AC contactor (or cj20 dc contactor) is mainly composed of four parts: electromagnetic system, contact system, arc extinguishing device, insulation shell and accessories. The system includes electromagnetic attraction coil, a movable iron core and static iron core; the contact system includes yo main contact, normally open contact and the normally closed auxiliary auxiliary contacts; arc extinguishing device for cutting arc quickly when needed, so as not to burn the main contact; and the insulating casing and accessories often include various springs, transmission mechanism, wiring column.


3. AC contactor working principle

When the coil is energized, the electromagnetic force generated by the static iron core moving core pull, and then drive three movable contact action, the main contact is closed, normally closed auxiliary electric shock is in off state, the auxiliary normally open contact is closed, the power supply is switched on; when the coil power, the electromagnetic force disappears from static iron core the moving core under the action of the spring and the static iron core separation, three dynamic contact action, the main contact is in a disconnected state, normally closed auxiliary electric shock is closed, the auxiliary normally open contacts are disconnected, the power cut off.


4. The connection in the use

Before using the AC contactor, should first understand its working principle, understand the characteristics of the external power supply, in order to avoid problems due to improper use, the use of the method is like this: the general three-phase contactor a total of 8 points, with 3 input interface and 3 output interface and 2 control points, adding the self-locking then, should be an output interface received control point.

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