Working principle of AC contactor

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1. Introduction

The utility model relates to a contactor (or cj20 dc contactor), which is a device which uses a coil to flow through an electric current to generate a magnetic field to make the contact close. Electrical ac contactor (or cj20 dc contactor) as a kind of contactor, the completion of the role of the control load, but also on the basis of the original more than a prerequisite: the coil flows through the AC current. Electrical ac contactor has been widely used, common products are CJX2, CJ20, CJT1, B and others.

2. Structure

Electrical ac contactor (or cj20 dc contactor) is mainly composed of four parts: electromagnetic system, contact system, arc extinguishing device, insulation shell and accessories. The system includes electromagnetic attraction coil, a movable iron core and static iron core; the contact system includes yo main contact, normally open contact and the normally closed auxiliary auxiliary contacts; arc extinguishing device for cutting arc quickly when needed, so as not to burn the main contact; and the insulating casing and accessories often include various springs, transmission mechanism, wiring column.