Causes of tripping of circuit breaker

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The leakage protection circuit breaker (RCCB, RCD)is a switch which can automatically operate when the leakage current exceeds the preset value. Commonly used circuit breakers are divided into two types of voltage and current, and the current type is divided into electromagnetic and electronic type of the two.

Q: Is it the better leakage circuit breaker with lower operation current?  

A: Depending on the specific circumstances. We can not choose the leakage current is too large (can not effectively protect), and can not be too small (often cut off the power supply, affecting the normal use). For the risk of electric shock high occasions, with the high sensitivity, fast leakage protection circuit breaker (not leakage current is more than 10mA). In other places, should be considered in the workplace risk size, fast leakage protection circuit breaker is installed for leakage current 10mA ~ 30mA. The leakage current should also be taken into account. Leakage circuit breaker should be able to avoid the leakage current in unbalanced system without action, should also be able to electromagnetic interference may appear in the installation position without misoperation. Leakage current should also consider the actual situation of the leakage circuit breaker.  

Q: The circuit breaker is good, why always trip in the use?  

A: This is mainly to take into account several common factors: (1) the electrical equipment is not high frequency radio source for electronic leakage circuit breaker, will induce the electric signal in the zero sequence current transformer, switch action. (2) the leakage of the switch on the load side of the leakage circuit breaker. In the case of non synchronous closing, the first phase of closing may produce a large leakage current. (3) the zero line is not due to the zero line and the zero line and the common protection protective zero line by the load side of the circuit breaker caused by lead. The zero line load side leakage breaker grounding, will make the normal operating current directly through the protective zero line grounding without work zero line, the switch leakage protection action.  

Q: Why leakage circuit breaker has refused operation soon after used?  

A: First of all, the leakage current is not selected properly, the circuit breaker action current is too large or too much will cause the circuit breaker refused action. Secondly, the product quality is poor, the two circuit breaker and other quality defects can cause the circuit breaker to refuse action. Finally, we should look at whether the installation of wiring errors.

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