The difference between CB level and PC level of ATSE

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1. Both of the two mechanical design concepts are different. The equipment is converted to dual power switch (solar transfer switch), and not used as line segments and line protection, ATSE should not take short circuit and overcurrent protection function. CB ATSE solar transfer switch by two circuit breaker. The circuit breaker is in arc for oneself, should ask his fast tripping of circuit breaker and mechanical mechanism has sliding buckle, buckle again; and the PC ATSE does not exist the problem of reliability, PC grade product is much higher than that of CB product grade.

2. Short circuit breaking capacity. CB ATSE solar transfer switch is not bearing to withstand short-circuit current, the contact pressure is small, in case of a short circuit or over current, when the contact is opened to produce the current limit, trip trip, thus breaking short-circuit current, caused by the power supply side although there is power, and power load, can not meet the requirements of grade one or two load on the power supply; PC ATSE solar transfer switch can withstand 20Ie and above the overload current, the contact pressure is not easy to be opened, so it is not easy to contact welding, to ensure reliable power supply for the important load.

3. Different security. There are two power supply problem of superposition in the conversion process, PC ATSE fully considered the factor of clearance, PC ATSE creepage distance is the standard requirements of 180%, 150%, and better PC security ATSE.

4. Contact material selection angle is different. The circuit breaker contacts generally choose silver tungsten and silver tungsten carbide material, but the material is easy to be oxidized, alternate contact exposed for a long time, the surface is easy to form a conductive block, difficult to drive the oxide, when standby contact once put into use, burned or explosion caused by increased switch contact temperature rise; while the PC level ATSE fully consider the consequences of oxide contact materials.

Through the above comparison and analysis, it is not difficult to find, PC ATSE is ideal for dual power automatic transfer switching equipment, widely used in the distribution system.