Application of control and protection switch

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Control and protection switch products use a single product structure of modularization, integrated main functions of the traditional circuit breaker (fuse), contactors, overload (or overcurrent, open phase) protective relay, starter, isolator, mainly used in the power system of AC 50Hz (60Hz), rated voltage of 690V, rated current of 3A to 100A, adjustable working current from 0.12A to 100A, to make, carry and break circuit in the normal conditions (including the overload condition specified), and can switch on and off, carryi the provisions of the non normal conditions (such as the short circuit). Function as follows:

A. Remote automatic control and local direct human control

B. Panel indication and electromechanical signal alarm

C. Overvoltage and undervoltage protection

D. Phase failure and phase loss protection

E. Coordinated time-current protection

F. Three protection characteristics: Inverse time limit, constant time-lag and instantaneous.

According to the need to select functional modules or accessories, you can achieve the various types of motor load, power distribution load control and protection.

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