Selection precautions for miniature circuit breaker

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1. The impact of ambient temperature on the rated current. overload protection characteristics of dz47-60 circuit breaker with shunt trip are usually completed by the sampling element (resistance) and induction components (hot bimetallic), hot bimetallic sheet heated and bent over a certain limit, release trip, miniature circuit breakers disconnect and remove the fault current. In the miniature circuit breakers standard, the tripping characteristics and the reference temperature are specified. The standard temperature is different for different standards. Therefore, dz47-60 circuit breaker with shunt trip should be considered that the actual working ambient temperature is different from the calibration reference temperature, so its rated current should be corrected. GB10963-1989 and IEC898-1995 standard reference temperature is 30 ℃. Under normal circumstances, with the rise and fall of the ambient temperature, the actual use of the current will be reduced or increased, and relate to the product itself with the parameters.
2. Determination of the rated value. The selection of the rated current of the miniature circuit breakers depends primarily on the operating current of the protected load. This operating current is directly indicated by the manufacturer or simply calculated from the load rated power and the rated voltage.
3.Selective protection, also known as hierarchical protection, refers to the protection characteristics between the upper and lower electrical in the system; when over current fault occurs in a point, specify circuit breakers or fuse operate in this operation range, while other protection devices do not operate, so that the number of affected loads are limited to minimum.

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