What is the normal working state of the limit automatic controller?

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The current limit automatic control device(Current limiter) is used in the control circuit which is satisfied in the AC current and the working voltage to ensure that the system is powered according to the predetermined electric power! Once the electric load exceeds the specified range value, the controller will automatically cut off the load power until the load back to the set power value, you can automatically turn on the load power, the effective realization of the electricity load automatically Monitoring and control. The appearance of the current limit controller has the structural requirements, and the structure needs to be used in conjunction with the device, and the need for reasonable and effective monitoring of its working conditions. Limit current automatic controller in the application of the way, usually when the light is green, said the load power is connected to the state of operation, the indicator is red when the load has been cut off, so that the limit current automatically The controller has started and started working! What is the normal working state of the current limit controller? In most cases, when the current sampling current loop within the automatic current controller L1 has reached the set current load, then L1 after D5-D8 voltage value can not be carried out on the work, so it is cut off State; if the current limit in the limit current controller Q3 in the R1, will be able to provide the base current saturation conduction operation, so the current limit of the current controller can work properly. What is the current limit of the automatic current control device? Once the current exceeds the predetermined value, it will need to play a role in the middle, and then be able to achieve it from the cut-off state into the state, this time the use of magnetic ring sensor to adjust the error operation to make appropriate adjustments. Limit current automatic controller in the operation of the work, there are contacts for the conversion, you can make the overload with the electrical work power to be switched, if the limit current controller is in the temporary steady state time, you need to make a reasonable charge Discharge to determine, until once again the cycle of work, it was temporary steady state, to ensure that the current limit of the automatic control device is working properly. But at the end of the article, the friend reminds you that the current limit of the automatic controller installation, the need to tighten the card thread screws to avoid the occurrence of high current due to poor contact with the heat of the situation, the same limit current control line need to be Correct wiring, to ensure that the limit current automatic controller in the application of the way, through the maximum allowable current value, need to be reduced in accordance with certain principles can be reduced. After all, the current limit automatic control device has a certain anti-time limit, and this feature can often be effective for the protection of the load with the control. In short, the limit current control is simple, high reliability, installation is also more convenient, do not need any debugging, otherwise, limit the current controller can be widely used in the need for electricity limit place? TAIXI Electric self-production TXXH current limit controller, small size, smooth shell, flame retardant performance, internal parts are used copper, contact test rigorous standards, in strict accordance with the production standards of production, check every product. For more information, please visit the TAIXI website - Products - overvoltage protector - TXXH current limiter. Or contact us.