Why are you need to use the firber box?

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As the shelter of the family, has not only called for the realization of electrification and automation, but also requires intelligent and humane. The use of modern information technology, households can do homes, enjoy more exciting and rich information-based life - such as online shopping, stocks, distance learning, medical, home entertainment, etc .; In addition, intelligent home wiring can help you achieve at home Any need to place the location of television, telephone, computer, security and other products, home LAN allows you to several computers at home at the same time the Internet, but also allows you and your family through the network in the game cruising. Since 2001, more and more domestic real estate projects played a "broadband intelligent community" and other flagship, broadband to the home is the residential decoration must be considered. However, how to truly broadband after the realization of intelligent? Smart home wiring system for this demand to provide a very good solution.

Intelligent home wiring and ultimately, fiber box (multimedia hub box/multimedia box), a fiber box, which integrates a variety of fiber optic equipment, modems (light cat), routing and other equipment used in the hole, groove , Troughs and sockets, etc., can be said that a message box can save at least 2 to 3 square of the messy cabling space, greatly increasing the room clean and spacious degree.

In addition, there are firber box from the introduction and introduction of complex lines can be the center of the box as the center to expand around the room, greatly reducing the difficulty of wiring, so the placement of fiber box to become intelligent home wiring is essential First, after both the maintenance or line or removal can be very convenient.

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