How to choose a suitable overvoltage and undervoltage circuit breaker?

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In today's society, people's life and work more and more cannot do without electricity, regardless of family life or industrial production and life everywhere to use electricity, but because the electrical equipment line failure caused by fire events more and more, and usually such fires have caused very serious consequences, for the great threats to life and property safety, in order to make the improvement of the safety of power, and can be very good to keep control of the fault current in the circuit, more and more situation began to use the overvoltage and undervoltage circuit breaker to protect the safe use of electricity, in the choice of over and under pressure when the circuit breaker must pay attention to the relevant requirements.

1, first must know with rated voltage of electric environment, it can be targeted for overvoltage and undervoltage circuit breaker, the rated voltage of circuit breaker can make more consistent safety in the use process, highlighting the actual performance of their own, for loop current can be well monitored, to ensure maximum use electrical safety.

2, rated current under rated current voltage circuit breaker must be greater than all the circuits, it can guarantee the timely detection of fault current and found, and their current increases, the load current will have a tracking compensation effect, so in the choice of the time needed to detect the corresponding current, in order to better determine the direction of their choice.

3, should choose the over-voltage breaker regular manufacturers, because the circuit breaker manufacturers are in accordance with the production standard circuit breaker to produce, not the price is too high, but also have a strong guarantee of the quality of circuit breaker. And the regular manufacturers of circuit breaker production process and the use of the material very good, can prolong the service life of the circuit breaker, the fault is rarely appeared in the process of using, can be very timely for fault current detection and alarm.

4, overvoltage and undervoltage circuit breaker must not blindly pursue cheap, a lot of people love to buy over-voltage breaker cheap, they think this breaker is affordable, but actually in use will appear in the process of quality problem, and when the circuit breaker is not very timely, may be because of their own problems the influence of the fault current judgment, so that for the price of the judgment should be reasonable, but also to ensure that the actual function of the circuit breaker, can make the detection and use of more security.

5, to understand the actual function of the circuit breaker under pressure as well as the actual use, according to the selection of types and number of poles, more in line with the needs of our situation, ensure the safety monitoring of electric environment, make electricity life more at ease, not worried about the fire disaster.