Main functions and characteristics of small isolation switch

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The use of electrical isolator switch is actually very common in life, which plays a major role is to separate so far, has a isolating switch disconnect sign is very obvious in the contact between, and in a certain position above, in the normal circuit under the condition, and can prevent the harm of circuit when abnormal conditions in a certain period of time.

About electrical isolator switch

What is a electrical isolator switch, in simple terms in our life always be known as the knife gate, this is a kind of equipment to use in a family, is a high voltage isolation switch, when the rated voltage above 1KV will need to use the isolating switch at present, similar to the high voltage switch electrical appliances, small appliances use isolation switch is a kind of long, but its working principle itself with a lot of really simple, general in the operation and use is still relatively safe, in fact about the characteristics of small isolation switch is the most simple without arcing ability.

Main role

In fact, electrical isolation switch can play a role there are still many, usually in the gate, because of the use of isolation switch so can establish certain insulation especially to probation, when some of the equipment and maintenance of the circuit, you need to have a small switch to build a breaking point, so that to ensure the maintenance staff's personal safety. But also can according to the need of use in electrical isolation switch connected in line.

Especially in the face of some small current, can be used for the division, when used according to different situations, to excitation current. When used in civil and architectural Zhao used above is more, mainly used in power distribution system, can not connect with the load and cut off the current.

The use of switch

In the use of electrical isolation switch, first at the time of repair, need a point during the offer, and be able to see a very obvious disconnection point, so that maintenance personnel can guarantee their own safety, but also can not small isolation switch with load operation, not to be able to take rated load, generally when power supply, must be the isolation switch after operation.

In fact, the use of on small isolation switch in every family all can see, one of the important equipments and residential distribution system, it can be dangerous by the effective condition of power generation, but if the damage occurred, or to find a professional personnel to carry out maintenance better in particular, in the area of.