Application and requirement of plastic distribution box in Engineering

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The use of plastic distribution box is very common, we can often see in daily life. In the aspect of the use of the project, using plastic distribution box is to meet the needs of the project design and use, for the present, in order to use in engineering to meet the basic needs, requirements for distribution box the performance and quality, have a very strict rules.

Use in Engineering

The plastic distribution box to meet the quality requirements in the project, and in order to guarantee the performance of a distribution boxes in the project, so the quality must be very strict, regardless of quality or the late use and maintenance, production technology to meet the engineering requirements of distribution boxes, but also strict in accordance with the specified by the national and local standards for inspection and production.

Mechanical requirements

1,the first outside distribution boxes is generally need a layer of color, even if the plastic is the same, and the color and processing needs to be in accordance with the requirements of Party of electrostatic spray on the surface of the distribution box should also have a very strong coating, the coating plays a very important role, there is distribution box surface color color should be uniform, and no peeling and spray leakage phenomenon, and at a distance of one meter distribution box where there is no color and reflective, looks smooth, clean, around there is no pits and scratches.

2,moving parts distribution box is very flexible, in the process of installation and use of distribution and there should be no damage to the coating, and distribution box opening angle of not less than ninety degrees, the door distribution box is generally a built-in lock, and reliable, in the lock, the door will not be distribution box the shaking of the traces, and the door hinge should use metal chrome door, the length and the installation of the hinge is a certain proportion of the general 1.2 meters long door when installed, there are 3 hinge to fit, if it is less than 1.2 meters in length, can use two to fixed, and have a certain bearing capacity are needed in the hinge, even when the weight is greater than four times is not deformation. And we should also in the distribution box above the door and the shell to keep seams.

At present, the use of plastic distribution box is already very much, and the requirements are constantly improved, so the design of distribution box must meet the actual needs, prior to production and customer must consultation related to cooperation.