Introduction of Plastic Meter Box

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Plastic meter box includes two parts: single-phase meter box and three-phase meter box. It is suitable for the measurement and control management of single-phase electric energy and power electric energy in power supply system with AC 50Hz or 60Hz, rated working voltage 220V, 380V, 690V and rated working current 10A~225A.

Conditions of use:

1. The ambient temperature is – 25℃ +80℃, and the average temperature in 24 hours does not exceed + 35℃.
2. The air is clean. The relative temperature should not exceed 80℃ at 40℃ and higher relative temperature should be allowed at lower temperature.

Main technical parameters

Main Bus Nominal Current In:225A~10A
Main Bus Rated Short-term Tolerance Current Icw:35KA
Insulation resistance: not less than 20M
Rated Insulation Voltage UI: 880V
Frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz
Security Protection Level IP:30

Installation and Usage of plastic meter box

1. When installing, please check the parts of the plastic meter box carefully.
2. The plastic meter box should be installed vertically, and the inclination angle should not exceed 5 degrees.
3. Installation location should be chosen where there is no severe vibration and impact enough to damage electrical components.
4. Contact with these chemicals should be avoided because the materials used in the plastic meter box are not resistant to strong alkali, oxidizing acids, amines and ketones, and are soluble in hydrogen radius and aromatic solvents.
5. In the course of use, sharp objects and hard objects should be avoided from colliding and scratching the surface of the plastic meter box.
6. Maintain and clean the scene of the plastic meter box during use.
7. When installing the ammeter box, we should try our best to choose a cool and dry place to avoid direct sunshine for a long time, so as to prolong the service life of the ammeter box, the ammeter and the electrical components.

Functional characteristics

Independent distribution room and ammeter room are set in the cabinet, with left and right doors open. The distribution room is equipped with incoming switch room and outgoing switch room, which can be used independently. Users can operate the outgoing switch room independently. The incoming line can be equipped with DZ158, CDB2, DZ15 series circuit breakers and leakage protectors. The front and rear switches of the meter can be equipped with DZ47, CDB3 and DZ267 series circuit breakers and three-stage leakage protectors, NH2. NH3 series disconnector, outlet terminal row. Distribution room can place the main switch of the incoming line, the connection row of the incoming and outgoing lines, the incoming and outgoing lines are closed separately, and the outgoing lines are closed separately or are not insured. When customers change meters or switches, they can operate independently without affecting other users. There are five anti-theft points in the cabinet, which can reasonably control the authority of power supply units and users. There are wiring slots in the meter room and various electronic meters can be placed. IC card windows can be set up according to users' needs. According to the new demand for metrology equipment in the national power grid transformation, the company invested a huge amount of money to carry out a comprehensive technical upgrade, and the latest development of transparent meter boxes compatible with the latest technical requirements of power management departments. HR series transparent ammeter boxes are made of transparent polycarbonate PC and ABS engineering plastics and other high-tech environmental protection materials. They have high protective performance, rainproof, ultraviolet protection, power safety protection, user separation control and data acquisition. Supporting information remote management and other functions, the product is suitable for installing all kinds of electronic, mechanical, intelligent IC card prepaid, intelligent multi-fee meters.