Difference between LV Circuit Breaker and Voltage Protector

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What is over/under voltage?

Instability of power supply in power grid, bad outdoor environment, aging of household lines, start-up and shutdown of high-power electrical appliances, etc. lead to short-term or long-term voltage instability

What's the damage of over/under voltage?

When the circuit is in the overvoltage state, because the voltage exceeds the specified value of the power grid or the endurance value of the electrical appliances, the electrical components will be damaged, and serious electrical fires will occur. When the line is under-voltage, due to insufficient voltage, the internal components of electrical appliances will be damaged, and fire may occur. Especially when the motor is under-voltage, the motor speed will be reduced. For the automation industry, the uncoordinated motor speed will directly lead to equipment damage and major security risks.

Conventional voltage protection devices are over/under voltage protectors, which can be divided into manual and automatic ones. Automatic ones, such as TXOUVR self-repetitive over/under voltage protectors, can realize fast interruption when overvoltage reaches 270±%5V  and undervoltage reaches 170±%5V . When voltage restores stability, the internal relay of the protector will work and the circuit will be automatically switched on when the delay is about 30. The process can be automatically processed without manual operation, which is simple, time-saving and labor-saving. Over-voltage and under-voltage circuit breaker, also called LV Circuit Breaker, is based on over-voltage and under-voltage protection, adding circuit breaker protection capabilities: overload protection, short circuit protection, leakage protection and so on. The conventional scheme is to install over-voltage and under-voltage accessories beside the circuit breaker, but this LV circuit breaker can only be operated manually after the protection of the circuit breaker is released, and can not be automatically reset, and does not have leakage protection. Taixi Electric TXOULVR LV Circuit Breaker is a new type of LV Circuit Breaker. It has self-repetitive over/undervoltage protection and adds overload protection, short circuit protection and leakage protection. It is an integrated self-repetitive over/undervoltage protector. Its function is integrated on the circuit board, which greatly saves the internal space of the circuit breaker and improve the working stability of the product.

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