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Development of AC Contactors

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AC contactor is one of the indispensable equipment in AC current. In recent years, a variety of contactors have been produced continuously. Din Rail Mounted Contactor are developing towards diversification, bringing people more and different choices.

As a whole, the shape and performance of AC contactor are constantly improving, but its function remains unchanged. No matter how far the technology develops, the common AC Din Rail Mounted Contactor still has its important position. On the other hand, AC contactor accessories are also very important, it can be said to be the "assistant" of contactors.

Air-type electromagnetic contactor: mainly composed of contact system, electromagnetic operating system, bracket, auxiliary contact and shell (or chassis).
Because the coil of AC electromagnetic contactor is usually supplied by AC power supply, there is usually a high decibel noise after excitation of Din Rail Mounted Contactor, which is also the characteristic of electromagnetic contactor. AC contactor accessories are also an indispensable part of AC contactors.

Since the 1980s, many countries have studied the silence and power saving of AC contactor electromagnets. One of the basic feasible schemes is to turn transformers for AC power supply into DC power supply through internal rectifier after voltage reduction, but this complex control method is rare.

Vacuum contactor: Vacuum contactor is a contactor with vacuum degaussing chamber in contact system.
Semiconductor contactor: Semiconductor contactor is a kind of contactor which completes current operation by changing the on-state and off-state of circuit loop.

These Household Contactor are crystals born in the process of development, they all have unique features that other contactors can not achieve, so they can occupy a better position in their respective fields, which is difficult to shake.

What is AC contactor?

Household Contactor is a kind of intermediate control element, which has the advantage of frequent on-off and off-line to control large current with small current. Cooperating with thermal relay can also play a certain role in overload protection of load equipment. Because it relies on electromagnetic field suction to turn on and off, it is more efficient and flexible than manual switch-on and switch-off circuit. It can split and close multiple load lines at the same time. It also has self-locking function. After manual short engagement, it can enter self-locking state and work continuously.

AC Household Contactor is one of the most common low voltage control devices used in electric drive and automatic control system. As an actuator, it is used for switching on, disconnecting lines, or frequently controlling the operation of motor and other equipment. It is composed of dynamic and static main contacts, arc extinguishing cover, dynamic and static iron core, auxiliary contacts and bracket shell, etc. When the electromagnetic coil is electrified, the moving iron core is sucked under the electromagnetic force, and the moving contacts are contacted with the static contacts directly or through the lever drive, and the circuit is connected. When the electromagnetic coil is cut off, the moving iron core returns automatically under the action of the reset spring, commonly known as release, the contacts are separated and the circuit is broken.