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What are the common faults of Auto Reclosing Circuit Breaker?

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What are the common faults of Auto Reclosing Circuit Breaker? In the use of automatic reclosure, if there is a fault, it will lead to automatic reclosure can not play 1. Avoid the construction quality of the failure caused by substandard. In new construction and technological renovation projects, wiring errors are prone to occur, and unreasonable wiring leads to serious fever of wire clips and shedding of diagonal braces, which may lead to unsuccessful reclosure. This requires strict inspection in accordance with the new installation and verification items, strengthen the control of construction quality, and then use reclosure band switch to do a whole set of tests to test.

2. Reduce the faults caused by drift near the line. When the drift near the line falls on the line, it is very easy to have short-circuit fault between phases, and the drift is fluidity and randomness, which brings great difficulties to the inspectors. Therefore, in order to avoid this phenomenon as far as possible, inspectors should expand the scope of inspection and report the drift which may affect the safety of power supply on both sides of the line in a large area in time. In order to properly arrange treatment measures to ensure the safe and stable operation of the line.

3. Avoid faults caused by engineering design quality. Relay protection device updates quickly, because the fixed value calculator is not familiar with equipment and other reasons, resulting in deviation of calculation results. Especially for the lines with more branch lines, when the setting value is unreasonable, reclosure is likely to be unsuccessful. Therefore, the fixed-value calculator is required to be familiar with the equipment and grid structure, and to consider all kinds of situations in order to improve the stability of the system operation.

Therefore, in order to ensure the stable operation of Auto Reclosing Circuit Breaker in the circuit, it is necessary to eliminate these faults.

What are the installation steps of Auto Reclosing Circuit Breaker?

How to install PV Auto Reclosing? The following automatic reclosure manufacturers will popularize it for everyone.

(1) Automatic reclosure installs the switch in the main box to avoid direct rain and sunshine.
(2) The PV Auto Reclosing is connected to the lower part of the circuit breaker or switch, the power input end and the load output end.
(3) If the red indicator lights up after 3 seconds of power supply to the protective device, it indicates that there is a corresponding fault in the line. At this time, the power should be cut off and the cause of the fault should be carefully checked.
(4) When accessing single-phase power supply, it should be marked by the protector panel. Reverse connection of the circuit that cannot input and output components may cause unreasonable losses.
(5) The PSD single-phase automatic reclosure switch of automatic reclosure manufacturer should pay attention to not reversing or staggering the phase when installing.

Main functions of PV Auto Reclosing:

1. It greatly improves the reliability of power supply and reduces the number of power outages, especially for single-circuit lines with one-side power supply.
2. Using Reclosure on high voltage transmission lines can also improve the stability of parallel operation of power system.
3. In the process of design and construction of power grid, in some cases, the double circuit line can be postponed to save investment due to the consideration of reclosure.
4. It can also correct the wrong tripping of circuit breaker itself caused by bad mechanism or misoperation of relay protection.

The economic benefit of automatic reclosure should be measured by the national economic loss caused by power outage when there is no reclosure. Because the reclosing device itself has low investment and reliable operation, it has been widely used in power system.