Characteristics of DC Circuit Breakers

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In recent years, the products of DC mini circuit breaker in China have developed rapidly. By designing new products and introducing technology from famous foreign manufacturers, the product varieties and quality have been improved significantly, and the products that meet the new international standards, ministerial standards and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards have been increasing. At present, DC MCB continue to develop in the direction of small size, light weight, safety and reliability, and easy to use. The main way is to use microelectronics to improve the performance of traditional electrical appliances. In terms of product varieties, new electronic controllers, such as proximity switches, photoelectric switches and electronic time relays, are vigorously developed to meet the needs of rapid electronization of control systems.

DC mini circuit breaker usually refers to the electrical appliances used for switching on, protecting, controlling or regulating in the circuit with AC 50HZ (or 60HZ) and rated DC voltage of 1500V or less. Not only can normal load current and overload current be switched on and off, but also short circuit current can be switched on and off. In addition to the control function in the circuit, it also has certain protection functions, such as overload, short circuit, under-voltage and leakage protection. DC circuit breaker can be operated manually, directly and electrically, or remotely.

DC MCB does not need to replace components after operation. Current value can be adjusted at any time. It works reliably, runs safely, has large current-breaking capacity, and is easy to install and use.

DC circuit breaker: plastic case type DC circuit breaker, frame type DC circuit breaker, high interruption small DC circuit breaker, etc.

Short Circuit Breaking Capacity of DC mini circuit breaker

The short circuit breaking capacity of a circuit breaker is the value of the short circuit current that the circuit breaker can turn on and break under specified conditions.

1. Rated short circuit connection capacity
Rated short-circuit switching capacity refers to the ability of a circuit breaker to switching on short-circuit current under specified conditions such as rated frequency and power factor, which is expressed by the maximum expected peak current.

2. Rated short circuit breaking capacity
Rated short-circuit breaking capacity refers to the maximum short-circuit current value that a circuit breaker can break under specified conditions such as rated frequency and power factor. It can be divided into rated limit short-circuit breaking capacity and rated operation short-circuit breaking capacity. Generally, it is expressed by the effective value of the periodic component of short-circuit current.

3. Rated short-term withstand current
The rated short-term withstand current refers to the current value that the circuit breaker can withstand in the specified short time under the specified test conditions.

DC MCB, also known as DC open or DC interrupt, is a kind of DC circuit breaker, and is the most common component of low voltage circuit breaker. Mainly used in rated voltage to 250V ~ 1000V, rated working current to 1 ~ 60A of DC lines, as overload of DC lines, short-circuit protection and line infrequent conversion. The circuit breaker can also be equipped with accessories such as auxiliary contacts, alarm contacts and excitation trippers to achieve long-distance interruption and provide control signals.