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What are the main points of routine maintenance of circuit breakers

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In order to make the circuit breaker operate more smoothly, we should not neglect its maintenance. If you maintain it regularly, household circuit breaker's life will be many times longer. Why not? In order to work well, maintenance need to be continuously strengthened. So, what are the main points of its maintenance? This is the user needs to explore the issue, let's follow the editor to understand it.

In terms of maintenance, we should keep the air fresh. If the air is wet or not clean, the consequences are very serious. Wet gases are decomposed into hydrogen and oxygen mixed gases, which will cause thermal insulation after fracture between contact points and arc chamber explosion in severe cases. LV circuit breaker will make the insulation strength lower, the surface will gradually generate discharge, so that you can not touch, in case of electric shock, the consequences can be imagined, so it is better to be cautious. In addition, when the pipeline is painted, there will be blockage, circuit failure or even stuck. The list of these are caused by the air is not clean, seriously different, so we should always keep the air clean.

Rubber fittings of LV circuit breaker are one of the most important ones. It is necessary to replace rubber fittings regularly, because the structure of this device is very complex and its sealing performance is high. In order to keep up with its performance, it is necessary to replace rubber fittings in time.

The components of household circuit breaker need to be inspected regularly, so that they are in a good technical condition. Don't neglect a small device. Perhaps it determines the normal operation of the device. For example, the arc extinguishing chamber needs to check its spring regularly, dynamic and static contact points, because it constantly occurs friction, so the pressure will gradually reduce when the outgoing point exceeds the travel. When it is small to a certain extent, it will make the spring deform, and then it should be replaced in time. Nonlinear resistors need to be checked for cleanliness, replaced with desiccants, and measured for nonlinearity. The main valve checks the size of the piston and body to see if its size is within the specified range and if it does not meet the need for timely correction. Driving cylinder also needs to be checked, adjust its buffer, ensure its disconnector, and timely check its accuracy, but also through maintenance and replacement to make its performance better.

For the daily maintenance of household circuit breaker, we only need to do the above points, I believe there will be no small effect. It is very important to ensure that the air in the environment is fresh, the rubber parts are replaced in time, the inspection of the small parts and so on. It only takes you a little time to reduce the trouble of the device. Maintenance of the LV circuit breaker needs to start from the small things in life, which can not be ignored.