What is the function of the meter box in family life?

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In our family life, we cannot live without electricity, because electrification is very common in family life, and there are many electrical equipment in our family, so point for our family life can be said to be very important. In the process of using electricity, it is impossible for families to use electricity directly from the high-voltage lines of power plants. We need to change from high-voltage electricity to low-voltage electricity for family use in order to ensure our safe use. In such a process, we have to mention the electric meter box in our family life, which can be said to be the most important part of our household electricity consumption.

Many people say that the plastic meter box in the family is used to calculate the household electricity consumption. If we think that the function of the meter box is so small, then we must be wrong. In fact, the function of the meter box is not only used to calculate the household electricity consumption, but also to better protect the safety of our household electricity consumption. We all know that the electricity generated by power plants is high voltage, which is transmitted to our families through high-voltage lines, and the appliances used in our families are low voltage, which requires us to deal with the meter box, not only calculating the electricity consumption, but also ensuring the safety of electricity consumption.

In fact, there are many kinds of plastic meter box in family life. According to different geographical locations and electric environment, different meter boxes are needed. Only in this way can we better protect the safety of electricity use. For the current application of the meter box in our life, we can know that the meter box needs us to better use, so as to better protect our electricity security, otherwise, without a good meter box, it is very difficult for us to use electricity safely.

Meter boxes are very important in our life. We need better use to make better use of electricity. This is very meaningful for our life. Therefore, the role of meter boxes is very big.

What should we do when the electric meter box is on fire?

There are many reasons for the ignition of the meter box, such as electric load, humidity, incorrect installation, short circuit caused by private wiring on the meter and so on. Especially in rainy season and summer, the load of electricity consumption may cause the ignition of the meter box or meter. For example, residents in residential areas pay special attention to it, because there are too many houses, once the electrical appliances such as air conditioners and computers are turned on excessively, it will cause the ignition of the meter box or meter. It may cause accidents.

Once the plastic meter box is on fire, it is still troublesome for the staff to repair it, so we should pay attention to the timely closure of the electrical appliances that do not need to be turned on at home, and not to turn on a large number of high-power electrical appliances at one time. But what should we do if the unavoidable situation leads to the fire of the ammeter box? First, do not panic, stay away from the ammeter, avoid injuries, and then cut off at the first time. Power supply, then use dry powder or gas fire extinguisher to extinguish fire. If the power supply is not cut off, do not directly sprinkle water to extinguish water, in order to prevent electric shock or electrical explosion injury, causing secondary injury.

Of course, if you haven't encountered such incidents, you'd better not take it easy. Call 119 or the electric power department in time to deal with them. Generally, as long as the rescue is quick, you should be able to restore the power supply in one day. It's very difficult to shut down the electricity for one day in hot summer, so you should pay attention to the usage of the electric meter box and pay more attention to the usage.