Principle of Overvoltage and Undervoltage Protector

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Why do we use under-voltage protectors in our daily life? What are the advantages of using over-voltage protectors? Today, I want to share with you the function of voltage protection devices.

All electrical appliances in use should avoid too high or too low grid voltage. Both industrial equipment and household appliances have a rated voltage. The voltage range is usually set at 170V-240V (which can be seen on the nameplate or instructions of electrical equipment). If this voltage is exceeded, it will exceed the insulation strength and withstand voltage value of the electrical appliances, and the electrical appliances will be heated, broken down and burned or even ignited. At present, due to zero-wire theft, equipment aging, technical failures, man-made failures, natural disasters, blackouts and power re-generation, voltage instability, too high or too low lead to a large number of electrical appliances being burned and destroyed in a large area, people suffer heavy losses, there is no way to claim compensation, and the casualties of people and property come one after another, voltage protection devices should be installed to prevent electrical fires, to protect against them. Protect the safety of life and property.

The control circuit of overvoltage and undervoltage protection devices adopts high-speed micro-low-power processor as the core, magnetic retaining relay as the main circuit, and modular standard design. When overvoltage and undervoltage occur in the power supply line, the protector can quickly and safely cut off the circuit under sustained high-voltage impulse to avoid accidents caused by abnormal voltage feeding into terminal electrical appliances. When the voltage returns to normal value, the protector will switch off the circuit quickly and safely. Automatically switch on the circuit within a specified time to ensure the normal operation of terminal appliances without any person on duty.

The overvoltage and undervoltage protection devices are compact in structure, beautiful in appearance, and fully automatic over-voltage and delay protectors installed with C45 guideway are the new generation of household appliances protection devices developed by our company according to the current situation of municipal appliances. The control circuit is assembled with imported components. The design of the product conforms to the modular standard. It has excellent and reliable performance and can work normally under abnormal voltage. When the municipal electric voltage exceeds the action voltage of the protector, the protector can quickly and reliably cut off the circuit to protect electrical appliances and personal safety. When the city electricity voltage returns to normal, the protector can automatically switch on the power supply and restore the power supply. All functions are automatically processed and implemented without personnel operation. The double-color light-emitting diode on the self-repetitive overvoltage protector panel can indicate the working state of the protector. When the indicator light is green, the power supply is normal. When the indicator light is red, the protection function starts and cuts off the power supply.

Today, share the characteristics of the overvoltage and undervoltage protection devices:

1. When the overvoltage of single-phase line occurs, the line is cut off, and the voltage of single-phase line returns to normal. After delay, the line is automatically reset and connected without manual operation.
2. When transient or transient overvoltage occurs in the line, the protector does not produce malfunction.
3. When the voltage of the line is unstable due to faults such as faulty contacts, or when the power is suddenly cut off and then suddenly calls, the protector does not connect the line.
4. When the line fault voltage is the highest, the protector itself will not be damaged.
5. The protective device has a reverse-time action characteristic, and the action time is less than 1s.
6. Voltage protection range: 0-450V below 40A, 50/60A: 0-600V.
7. Resistance to impulse voltage: 4 kV (in accordance with the safety standards of Class III electrical appliances).
8. The voltage protection devices has two-color light emitting diodes to indicate working status, green-normal voltage to indicate, red-overvoltage or delay to indicate.
9. Modular design of shape and installation of guide rail.