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What are the main uses of household AC contactors?

Promulgator : TAIXIDate : 2018-12-10Views : 2097

Contactor is an automatic control device. Contactors are mainly used for frequently switching on or disconnecting AC and DC circuits. They have large control capacity and can be operated over long distances. They can achieve timing operation, interlocking control, various quantitative control and voltage loss and undervoltage protection with relays. They are widely used in automatic control circuits. Their main control object is motor, and they can also be used for control. Making other electric load, such as electric heater, lighting, welding machine, capacitor bank, etc.  Din Rail Mounted Contactor can be divided into AC contactor and DC contactor according to the type of controlled current.

Nowadays, AC Household Contactor are widely used in family life, which can protect the electrical appliances better, and can be used as a very professional and safe start-up control device, so that the main circuit can be automatically controlled, and can be better controlled after receiving orders. Make the switch of the main circuit, so as to enable the normal use of household appliances, but also to avoid the occurrence of lightning and other accidents caused by blackouts.

Because the load-carrying current of AC Household Contactor is very large, it is usually controlled by suction coil. This means that the efficiency is very fast in the process of operation, and it can be used directly as a relay. It can be used directly through relay in any unexpected situation. Electrical appliances for current overcurrent protection, but also can be directly grounded protection, in view of these functions, can give people a safer life experience of electricity, can avoid any negative effects.

Now the demand for this kind of home AC Din Rail Mounted Contactor is gradually rising. In the process of using it, it can indeed bring you a lot of convenience and advantages. Everyone's understanding of this kind of home AC contactor is getting deeper and deeper, so naturally it can be recognized and welcomed by everyone. Of course, in the process of production and processing, the number of manufacturers has also begun to increase, and the competition has become more intense. If you want to ensure better use effect, we suggest that you must be able to buy in professional and regular manufacturers, so that the overall safety and functionality can be better played.

Although there are more and more Din Rail Mounted Contactor manufacturers nowadays, as long as we have clear criteria when choosing and can judge the price according to the orientation of the whole industry, we can naturally avoid being deceived. Therefore, the overall functional advantages can also make us enjoy themselves very well and provide protection. The spare function can also play perfectly, and it can automatically and intelligently control the circuit. It can also cut off the load power supply, and avoid the damage of electrical appliances or other dangers caused by high current to the greatest extent.

AC Household Contactor have very important protective functions for household electrical life. We must be able to choose contactors that are suitable for our own household use reasonably. Only in this way can we bring more reassuring effects to ourselves after installation and use, and completely achieve the purpose and function of protecting motors. It can avoid the burning caused by overload and shortage, so it has very important application significance in daily work and life.