Why does the plastic meter box need insulation resistance?

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Meter boxes are widely used in various fields of the national economy. They are important support for the industry, national defense construction and major project construction. They are the important basic industries of the national economy and the necessities of people's daily life. Electric meters, household necessities, without this not only do not use electricity, the power supply department will not allow you to use other people's electricity, since household necessities, it also knows that the surface of the meter is covered with a PC plastic meter box, if you want to switch on and off the electricity at home, you must first open the PC plastic meter box to operate it, then this is the case. What's the use of a PC plastic watt-hour meter case? Why is it necessary?

Talk about the material composition of PC plastic meter box. Its important part is divided into ABS engineering plastics and polycarbonate transparent PC materials, which are injection moulded and suppressed. It and another box material make up PC electric meter box. In some developed countries, this material has been widely used even decades ago.

Next, let's talk about its usefulness.

First, the use of PC plastic meter box can be imagined, that is, waterproof, directly exposed to the surface of the meter, once exposed to rain, will cause explosions.

Secondly, it has its own ventilation components, which can prevent metal rust in the box body, and also prevent leakage power station price.

Thirdly, by filling the base with fine sand, the rising moisture in the soil can not enter the box body, which causes problems.

And it can avoid personal casualties, low cost, as usual one-time can be used for more than 20 years, its design can also resist some impact Personnel Examination, there are a variety of advantages such as easy installation, PC electric meter box is an indispensable part of the meter, so we should be vigilant to take care of it, once the situation is found, and Time processing.

In the course of using electricity, there is a problem of safety in using electricity for plastic meter box with insulation resistance. Insulation resistance is the basic insulation index of electrical equipment and circuit.

As usual, the insulation resistance of ordinary materials decreases with the increase of ambient temperature and humidity. Relatively speaking, the apparent resistance (rate) is sensitive to environmental humidity, while the bulk resistance (rate) is sensitive to temperature. When the humidity increases, the appearance leakage increases, and the conductive current of the conductor also increases. As the temperature rises, the carrier activity rate increases, and the current absorbed and conducting by the dielectric materials will respond to the increase. According to relevant reports, the resistance value of ordinary dielectrics at 70℃ is only 10% of that at 20℃. Therefore, when measuring insulation resistance, it is necessary to specify the temperature and humidity of the sample in equilibrium with the environment. Because the insulation resistance can prevent leakage of electricity, so the plastic electric meter box uses insulation resistance.