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Product features of PC transparent plastic meter box :

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Product features of PC transparent plastic meter box:

1. The product is made of transparent polycarbonate (PC) and ABS engineering plastics. It has the functions of power security protection, user separation control, data acquisition, etc. Electric meter box can maximize the reliability of electricity stealing prevention, component integration, power security and installation and operation convenience of the meter box. It supports electronic mode, mechanical mode, IC card prepayment mode only, and so on. Only peak valley meter.

2. The transparent plastic meter box adopts the integrated design concept. The overall shape is beautiful, the appearance is smooth and bright, the proportion is symmetrical, the structure is reasonable, there is a clear power supply management and user operation of the separation area, instrument room and switch room set up firewalls, improve fire prevention.

3. The connection between the upper cover and the bottom shell adopts slider to fasten the groove of the base, and is equipped with special screw, lead seal (plastic) and padlock at the lower part. Only the power management personnel can open it with the help of special keys, which truly achieves the function of preventing electricity theft. The sealing performance between the upper cover and the bottom shell is good, which can prevent rain and dust from entering.

4. The bottom shell is made of PC 70% and ABS 30% mixed alloy material, and the top cover is made of imported transparent polycarbonate (PC). The power management personnel can see the abnormal situation intuitively in the electric meter box, which is convenient for management.

5. The entrance and exit holes of the plastic meter box are designed with the scheme of "multi-blind holes", which is convenient for users to install the entrance and exit lines according to their needs. All entrance and exit holes are equipped with special rubber rings for waterproof, dust-proof and small animal-proof. The box body has high insulation strength. Under the condition of 50Hz power frequency and 2000V one minute, no flying arc, breakdown and flashover occur. Phenomenon.

Product protection of PC transparent plastic meter box:
The company has passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification, and all products are certified by 3C. With the perfect design, many projects with high protection, high security and high flexibility are recognized by the power supply industry units of end users, and become the development trend of the electric meter box market. Quality products and good after-sales service are well received by our customers.

Material characteristics of PC transparent plastic meter box:

1. Imported polycarbonate (PC) is used in the transparent part of the top cover of the watch box. Because PC has comprehensive balance performance, excellent impact resistance, stability and transmittance of more than 90%, it is supplemented with special accessories to ensure aging resistance, impact resistance, ultraviolet resistance, acid rain and salt fog resistance, flame retardant, heat resistance, etc. Frost resistance and high insulation.

2. The low shell part is made of imported polycarbonate (PC) and modified ABS engineering plastics. We specially developed a mixed alloy consisting of PC 70% ABS 30%. The material has high hardness and excellent aging resistance, and the electric meter box has no fading and long service life. It is suitable for high temperature environment. In case of high temperature or fire, the material not only does not burn, but also prevents combustion. The thermal deformation temperature is 130℃. It can withstand the low temperature of -50℃. The flame retardancy is FV0, and the impact resistance is 1K, Class 10. High insulation, no arc, breakdown and flashover phenomena occur under the power frequency 2000V test voltage, especially for the power industry.

3. Therefore, the above two materials have high strength, anti-aging, strong insulation, good transparency, anti-ultraviolet, acid rain and salt fog, bending resistance, impact resistance, heat resistance and frost resistance, especially suitable for outdoor, normal service life can reach more than 10 years.